Deal Breakers

After you have worked with the first couple of hundred individuals with cognitive challenges (in my case, most of them have had a brain injury), patterns emerge.  In my experience, skills trainers and job coaches would be wise to look at the following areas.

Voice-to-text voicemail conversion

I use YouMail Visual Voicemail, and it works well for me.  It gives me quick VISUAL access to my voice mail messages.  I am told it increases productivity for many whose speed of processing is slower than it used to be. It also makes voice mail sort-able and See


“Clarify and Verify”

“Clarify and Verify” is perhaps one of the most POWERFUL compensatory skills (habits) an individual with cognitive inconveniences can practice.  It’s a common communication technique, but for anyone who is challenged with “mis-hearing,” “mis-remembering,” or other mis’s brain injury can cause this simple phrase often saves the day:

“Let me see if I heard you correctly.  You said (or asked me to) ___________________.  Is that right?”

Then write down the results (or speak the results into you iPad or other recording device). Not only is this good for you (the person asking for verification), it’s good for the person you are talking to.  It’s good for the relationship too.  The two-way communication “street” will be clear of clutter and misunderstanding.  And when others see you writing down the results, they will start to gain confidence that they are heard and you will know, if not remember, what was said and agreed upon. Employers are especially appreciative of this communication practice.  Don’t be surprised if they start using it, and asking others they work with to use it too!

Thank you Francis, for this valuable phrase.

Everything in ONE PLACE

To function at the level I wish to function, I need all the information I was once able to find in my head, organized in a way I can see it.  For me, that means that all the “bits” I need, have to be visually available and all in one place.  No easy task!

One way to have everything in one place for work tasks and projects is using multiple computer monitors.  Most people do not use this many., but after slowly adding one at a time, this is what I ended up with. For individuals with brain injury who have office jobs, one extra monitor is often helpful and two extra monitors are generally sufficient.  These also fall into the category of “reasonable accommodations.”

The reason all this because they make needed information visually available. I can alternate attention (“switch gears”) and maintain focus without struggle to do the impossible with my unreliable organic brain. Less stress. Less struggle.

Focus with multiple monitors

In days past, one of my most powerful visual resources for keeping “everything” in one place, was my (paper-based) BRAIN BOOK®, which was always open to the central “TODAY” page.  Tabs that organized all the important sections, flared out left and right (see below left).  Many of my students have made their own brain books, either with or without the masters we used for BRAIN BOOK® System.  Let me know if you want a list of the most helpful section headings or Masters for printing insert pages.

BBS Tabs as visual cues

Now my personal My Bionic Brain® does the same thing, but in key-word searchable electronic form on an iPad.  By keeping My Bionic Brain® open to the main TODAY screen, I have my primary visual cues in full view.  Reference Notes, documents, e-mails, TO DO Lists and scheduled tasks and appointments re never lost or “spaced.”  I call it my “BRAIN BOOK on steroids.” And yes, it sits on my desk next to me, along with all the monitors. ♥

For a PDF of the image below: TRI-FOLD brochure

Everything in One Place

My Bionic Brain 1.0 Upgrade

New features in upcoming upgrade for My Bionic Brain 1.0:

  • New Monthly and Weekly View option for My Action Plan Section
  • My Action Plan will sync with Google Calendar and Outlook
  • Unscheduled TO DO List for the current day will appear at top of TODAY’s My Action Plan screen

New Self Help website is under construction too: Will offer short video “LESSON-ETTES,” PowerPoint Presentations and Recordings, Worksheets, and more…