“Clarify and Verify”

“Clarify and Verify” is perhaps one of the most POWERFUL compensatory skills (habits) an individual with cognitive inconveniences can practice.  It’s a common communication technique, but for anyone who is challenged with “mis-hearing,” “mis-remembering,” or other mis’s brain injury can cause this simple phrase often saves the day:

“Let me see if I heard you correctly.  You said (or asked me to) ___________________.  Is that right?”

Then write down the results (or speak the results into you iPad or other recording device). Not only is this good for you (the person asking for verification), it’s good for the person you are talking to.  It’s good for the relationship too.  The two-way communication “street” will be clear of clutter and misunderstanding.  And when others see you writing down the results, they will start to gain confidence that they are heard and you will know, if not remember, what was said and agreed upon. Employers are especially appreciative of this communication practice.  Don’t be surprised if they start using it, and asking others they work with to use it too!

Thank you Francis, for this valuable phrase.

My Bionic Brain 1.0 Upgrade

New features in upcoming upgrade for My Bionic Brain 1.0:

  • New Monthly and Weekly View option for My Action Plan Section
  • My Action Plan will sync with Google Calendar and Outlook
  • Unscheduled TO DO List for the current day will appear at top of TODAY’s My Action Plan screen

New Self Help website is under construction too:  www.HelpMyBionicBrain.com: Will offer short video “LESSON-ETTES,” PowerPoint Presentations and Recordings, Worksheets, and more…