Job Coaching / Job Development Workshop

Job coaching and job development for individuals with cognitive disabilities can be challenging — also frustrating, time-consuming and costly – for individuals who want to work as well as for their counselors, coaches, skills trainers and others in their circle of support.

If you are interested in participating in a half-day workshop focused on successful and time-tested strategies and tactics for supporting individuals with cognitive disabilities as they prepare for and search for meaningful, sustainable employment, please sign up for this workshop.

Offered by Kathy Moeller, BA, CBIS (Certified Brain Injury Specialist), President of Cognitive Harmonics, and Kate Tarter, BS, Independent Job Development Contractor with Oregon Vocational Rehabilitation, this workshop is expected to be held in Salem, Oregon during the month of October (details available on request).

To obtain more information, please contact Kathy Moeller at

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