Using a Handhelpd Computer as a Cognitive-Behavioral Tool, by Tony Gentry, PhD OTR/L

Dr. Gentry is a recognized expert in the field of assistive technology and cognitive prosthetics.  He recently shared this document with me, and generously granted permission for its distribution.

Intro-to-pda-as-cogaid Gentry 2014-07-28 perm to distribute

This paper answers important questions related to how and why products like Apple’s iPod and iPads and “the growing catalog of Android and Microsoft tablets” are becoming important devices for individuals with cognitive disabilities.  It also provides suggestions when trying to figure out “what to do first.”

  • Remembering to Do Things
  • Task-Sequencing and Wayfinding
  • Social Stories and Behavioral Cues
  • Stress Management
  • Academics, Healthy Living and Beyond

Dr. Gentry’s is the Director of the Assistive Technology for Cognition Laboratory at Virginia Commonwealth University.  His contact information is below:

Tony Gentry, PhD OTR/L
Associate Professor
Director, Assistive Technology for Cognition Laboratory
Department of Occupational Therapy
Virginia Commonwealth University
Room 2050
730 East Broad Street
Richmond, VA 23298


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